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The Fuchs 1909 story is a unique one that lends to family, fashion and forward thinkers. My grandfather, Adelhard Fuchs, was very unique in that he was a German educated, master engineer and also a style aficionado. Infinitely passionate about motoring, sailing and flying, he exemplified a sense of fashionable design amongst each of his activities. When we created this brand, we took inspiration from this great man, ensuring each piece was masterfully crafted, rich in character and the epitome of class and style.

Today we offer you a part in this story with innovative timepieces featuring precision machined components—each with an artist’s touch. We’re proud to share in this together, each of us carrying on the legacy of Adelhard Fuchs.

Most Graciously,

William C. Kneebusch

Our Brand

• Globally Inspired •

Each Fuchs 1909 timepiece is handmade with components sourced from around
the world. Our manufacturing footprint is extensive, allowing for a variety of
components either produced in-house or sourced from partner facilities in
Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Asia. All of our components come together for
final assembly and certification at one of two family compounds in the United

• Precision Machined •

Holding tolerances to 40 millionths of an inch, each Fuchs1909 piece is
individually subjected to rigorous criterions of inspection. Housed within our own
state-of-the-art 65,000 square facility we possess some of the most advanced
CNC equipment ever created.

• Artfully Crafted •

Though manufacturing technology has significantly expanded since the 1900s,
there still remain intricacies in watch making that even a machine cannot
replicate. Each timepiece is hand fitted, assembled, and in turn, reviewed
personally in our factory, with a final piece deemed fit to represent the Fuchs
family name.